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Welcome to Little Cookies!

making pasta!Children learn by using all their senses - touching, tasting, feeling, smelling and listening.  Learning about food and cooking is a great way to do all of these.  It is also important for children to learn about a healthy diet, good ingredients and how to cook them.  If an interest in real food is encouraged early enough, then hopefully it will stay with them for life.

Little Cookies offers an opportunity for children to have fun with food, either through its classes for birthday boypre-schoolers from age 3, and a parent/carer, or its parties for children of any age. 

Many parents may be put off letting little ones free in their kitchens at home, but I’m happy for them to get stuck in and be creative.  For busy parents, or those whose skills lie outside the kitchen, it’s a trouble-free way to introduce your children to cooking, and no mess for you to clear up!  And hopefully there's the added bonus that they'll eat what they cook!

I hope you'll want to join us!

Francesca Barbour


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